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jueves, 25 de agosto de 2016

Escribiendo paper formato Elsevier con Markdown (Multiple affiliations)

RMarkdown es una gran herramienta para escribir documentos, páignas web, presentaciones, incluyendo código de R. Esto permite la reproducibilidad de forma más fácil y transparente.

Entre los paquetes desarrollados esta "rticles" que vienen templates de varias revistas, entre ellas elsevier. Comencé a usar este template intentando agregar varias afiliaciones sin mucho éxito, y con varias personas pasando por el mismo problema, y ahi encontré la solución.
Pero primero a instalar rticles: install.packages("rticles")
A comenzar a escribir:
<br /> Luego en el header, es necesario editar YAML de la siguiente forma para agregar diferentes afiliaciones:
<br />
Y el resultado queda:

jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

Leave your addictions... using Ubuntu

Well, this is awkward, and kind of funny. It turns out that i've got a lot of work in my PhD in meteorology at USP... that's cool... but i've also been playing this really OLD (prehistoric) game called warzone2100. It's a strategy and military game for Ubuntu... so old and so addictive... that i was spending more time playing than studying, Well, i decided to put an end (After a passed all levels, and only the last one cheating) i decided forbid it in Ubuntu, it means, i cannot install it anymore.... and this is the way:

and the result

miércoles, 29 de abril de 2015

Error If you REALLY want Grib2 output from WRF, modify the arch/ - WRF 3.7 in Ubuntu (Elementary)

Well, i was installing WRF Chem in a server and also in my local machine, following this great tutorial, and when i did ./configure, i had the following error. I had all the libraries installed and environmental variables declared.

If you REALLY want Grib2 output from WRF, modify the arch/ script.
Right now you are not getting the Jasper lib, from the environment, compiled into WRF.

I searched and searched and lots of dudes had the same problem. The solution was ridiculous, was change  one line in VRFV3/arch/, the line 223, from
 $I_really_want_to_output_grib2_from_WRF = "FALSE" ;


 $I_really_want_to_output_grib2_from_WRF = "TRUE" ;

and ./configure in WRFV3 and, voilá

The funny was, when i was searching for the answer, lots of people had the same problem. I hope it helps