GIS.StackExchange: Identificar el mayor polígono dentro de cada celda de una grilla

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I have a 9x9 grid and a polygon of municipalities of an extensive area of Brazil. My goal is to have a field indicating the biggest municipality per grid cell.
I've been trying with intercept without good results. I know there are similar questions but i cant figure it out how to handle it in QGIS.
Here is a screenshot of what i'm talking about:
ANSWER by Micha:

Resulted in:
Which is the id of the municipality with the largest intersection within each grid cell. Continue...

I've also been trying with Kosmo, according to Juán José del Toro

1.- Create the grid 10x10 km and concatenate Row and Column into a key field

I thid the concatenation with the "calculadora option"

And picture


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